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Code of Ethics

Medical Laboratory Technologists/Scientists will endeavour to work as part of the multidisciplinary health team to provide quality laboratory service for the ultimate benefit of the patient and the wider community.
Medical Laboratory Technologists/Scientists shall observe and be bound by the following code of professional conduct.
Medical Laboratory Technologists/Scientists shall:
  • be dedicated to the use of medical laboratory sciences to benefit mankind;
  • exercise their professional judgement, skill and care to the best of their ability in such a manner to bring credit to the profession and in meeting established standards;
  • actively seek to establish cooperative and specific working relationships with other health professionals;
  • provide expertise to advice and counsel other health professionals;
  • maintain confidentiality of patients information gained in the conduct of their profession and not wittingly disclose results or information, of a personal or confidential nature to unauthorised persons;
  • safeguard the dignity and privacy of patients;
  • be responsible for the logical process from the acquisition of the specimen to the production of data and the final report of test results;
  • be accountable for the quality and integrity of medical laboratory service;
  • maintain a responsible approach to the community at large with respect to the handling and disposal of hazardous material;
  • conduct themselves in a manner to uphold and maintain the dignity and respect of the profession and strive to maintain a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability;
  • strive to improve their professional skill and knowledge and disseminate such knowledge to fellow members and persons under their control; and
  • refrain from practices restricted by law and not indulge in unfair or improper practices for personal or professional gain.

The Code of Ethics is based on the code of ethics that was adopted by the IAMLT* general assembly of delegates at the 20th IAMLT Congress in Dublin, Ireland 1992 and had since been revised at the IFBLS 29th World Congress in Nairobi 2010.*

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Code of Ethics

*International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (IAMLT) was changed to
International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (IFBLS) in 2002 by the General Assembly of Delegates at the 25th World Congress in Orlando, USA.