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Application for Registration as an Allied Health Professional

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An Act to provide for the establishment of the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council, the registration of the allied health practitioners, the regulation and control of the practice of the allied health professions and for related matters.

Why is the AHP Act enacted?

Though the reason is not stated in the Act but primarily it is to protect:-

  • the profession from a person who is unqualified to practice  and whose  action will be detrimental to the profession’s dignity.
  • the public  from unqualified and bogus practitioner and abuse of knowledge and unprofessional conduct by legitimate practitioner.
  • the health & medical industry by improving and raising the standard of the profession and the service delivery.

Qualification for registration

Any person may apply to be registered as an allied health practitioner if-

  • he is a Malaysian citizen;
  • he holds any qualification as may be recognized by the council;
  • he fulfils other prerequisite requirement as may determined by the Council;
  • he has not been convicted of an offence involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude or an offence punishable with imprisonment (> 2 years).

Registration requirement

Applications must be accompanied by documents, particulars or a fee as determined by the Council;

The Council may seek further information or document;

  • If the Council approved the application for registration, the Registrar shall enter the name in the Registry and issue  certificate of registration with or without terms and conditions applied;
  • If the Council decline , then the Registrar shall notify in writing.

The Allied Health Professional Information System is currently undergoing an upgrading. The upgraded AHPIS will be handed over and placed under the purview of the Malaysian Allied Health Professional Council and no longer with the Ministry of Health.